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Yes! We offer our DJ services to all sorts of parties. Birthdays, Corporate parties, Christmas Parties... If you have a party, we can provide the music!

I am Diamond Entertainment. My business has been offering DJ services for the last decade to the Wichita area. I thought it was fitting and easier to remember, to have my website domain name "thewichitadj.com".

I have been in the business providing music and entertainment in Wichita and the surrounding area for 11 years now.

Diamond Entertainment accepts cash, money orders/cashiers checks, LOCAL checks, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Absolutely! For weddings, I provide my clients with a custom Wedding Reception Planner. It maps out the whole evening to your specifications. It also contains a variety of song lists to help you with the selection of music for your special day.

For all other events, I provide an entertainment form that gathers information for the type of party you wish to have and the types of music that you desire.

I use small business payment service called Intuit. It's commonly used by lots of mobile vendors like myself to process simple and secure transactions with the use of a mobile device such as a smart phones or tablet. for more information, visit www.intuit.com.

My equipment is 100% professional and name brand quality that provides amazing sound and reliability. My sound systems consist of professional brands such as Peavey, Behringer, Shure, Audio Technica, American DJ/Audio & Gator. My music is played from the latest state of the art Dell laptop.

Yes. I ALWAYS have backup equipment available at every single event that I provide entertainment for. You never know when something can have a technical difficulty. My backup equipment is always kept close by so that I can switch things out quickly and easily with a very minimal downtime that allows me to get the party going again quickly!

No. I have a full time job and DJ for fun. For me, if I had to DJ for a living, it'd take the fun out of it for me. I have so much fun providing music and entertainment and I believe that my ability to have fun, passes on to everyone so that they have fun too! Plus the fact that I do DJ for fun allows me to offer great rates since I don't have any overhead.

No. Hahaa! That' not quite my style. I wear a tasteful polo shirt with the Diamond Entertainment logo and my name embroidered onto it, dress pants and dress shoes.

Yes. I take song requests and try to my best to work them into my set list to maintain a good groove that keeps people on the dance floor.

I play a variety of music from different genres to try to make sure that everyone has something to dance to at some point. There are a variety of ages at a wedding reception form young to old and I want them all to get out out on the dance floor and enjoy their favorite songs! In meeting with my clients, I get a feel for their favorite songs and work them in with proven dance floor favorites. I also play radio edit songs so that my clients don't have to worry about anything vulgar coming over the speaker.

Yes. Music is a very important part of a wedding reception and equally important is maintaining a proper flow and keeping everyone informed of what's going on. Many announcements are made throughout your special day. Your Grand Entrance, cake cutting, spotlight dances and any other type of special announcements are made throughout the night.

We set up an initial meeting where I provide you with and review the custom Reception planner. You take it home with you so that you can plan out all of your song choices and reception information. About a week or two before your wedding, we will meet again. We will go over every detail of the planner to make sure that we are all on the same page. I'll answer any questions that you might have and discuss the flow of the whole event from your arrival until your departure and what to expect. A deposit of $100 secures your date and the remaining balance is due by the event. Everyone's situation is different and I am happy to accommodate payment options that work the easiest for you.

Yes. I do have an office in my home in Park City, Ks. I try to make everything as convenient as possible for my clients. Sometimes it's more convenient for a client to meet closer to their home, work or even at their home. I'll gladly come to you to ease your drive time. I often meet clients at a local coffee shop such as Starbucks. My schedule is very flexible so anytime that's the most convenient for you is fine with me.

There is no travel charge within a 100 mile radius. Any distance 101-150 miles is an additional $50.00 151-200 miles is an additional $75.00. There is also no charge for set up and tear down time. I arrive at an event early enough to allow myself time to have everything ready to start at the designated time. If you book me for 4 hours, you get 4 hours of music and entertainment.

No. DJ lights are such an important part of adding ambiance and energy to an event. I enjoy having the dance floor lit up and can't imagine charging extra for them. My professional LED light show is included in all DJ packages.

Wedding cancellations are very unfortunate. If the wedding is cancelled less than 30 day of the contracted date, I retain the $100 deposit as liquidated damages. Any payments made above the deposit will be refunded. If the wedding is cancelled more than 30 days from the contracted date, 100% of any deposit and/or payment will be refunded in full.

Tips are not at all required or solicited. Some people have been so very kind and provided me with a tip for a job well done. I never expect or ask for a tip. When I do get a tip, it is very much appreciated.

Yes and no. I take tons of pictures of everything from the cake to guests dancing and having fun. I mention the website a few times during the course of the evening only so that people can know where to see and download their photos. I only have a a small stack of business cards for anyone to grab. I do not have a giant banner hanging from my table. just the business cards and a "skin" on my laptop with the company logo, website and phone number. I believe it to be minimal and tasteful. If a client wishes that I don't mention the website, that's not a problem. The photos that I place on the website have been extremely popular over the years and I've never had any complaints.

Absolutely! Please visit my Testimonial Page. If you'd like to talk to satisfied clients, then I'll be more than happy to provide you with the contact info so that you can speak to them.